Skeptical- or maybe just feeling Peckish with our Government

Used to think the world was so awesome and in many ways it remains that. As I’ve aged, the level of nonbelieving has risen to new heights. Maybe it is just age that gives me insight because I now have more to ‘push against’? This became profoundly clear  from 1989 forward and the coming of the world wide web  has changed markedly my access to information. I now have such a grand tool in hand with the computer. My ability to reach out, not just to family and friends via email, but to contact the many politicians around the country just makes my day. The other side of that is a wonder if it makes any difference. My mom used to say stick around it will change, ah that’s the rub. The awareness of past history compared to what is happening now makes me more skeptical. I thought much like Margaret Mead, given our vast good fortune in this country that life for ALL would now be different. A different for the better of all and instead is seems the vastly wealthy as a majority, given the press, that they are more self centered more avarice, more ME! I don’t get it, because if the whole world goes ‘kitty wampus’ then aren’t we all screwed? ‘Kitty wampus’, meaning we can’t breath the air, drink the water, eat the food and there is no where else to live, not like there is an ‘Eden’ planet just waiting for the ‘few vastly wealthy’ to come and settle. This all being said after reading how up our local governments are about peoples front yards, grass vs. gardens. For me grass has become the ‘new weed’ among my plants….lol


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